Blog post #4

Samsung has 7,324,379 likes on Facebook fans and 1,726,006 followers on Twitter.

Sony has 3,058,985 fans of Facebook. About 4,000,000 less than Samsung.

Samsung uses Facebook to build a relationship with its consumers and a genuine interest in Samsung events and progress. Samsung uses twitter to broadcast those notches in its time line.

Samsung posts exerts on its upcoming Phones, Best apps to download, and even stories of how people have fallen in love with Samsung products. 

Consumers seem to be interested in what Samsung is posting on Facebook there is alot of positive feedback in the comment section of there posts. On twitter, I see many retweets of Samsung’s messages which broadens their reach to consumer attention.

Blog post #3

In my search for Samsung I received “About 2,620,000,000 results  (0.12 seconds)”. The brand that came up as a similar brand in my search was Sony which produced About 2,740,000,000 results.

Yes the Brand that I wanted to find appeared first in the search followed by an insert for Sony/Samsung article because Sony was recently searched.
The next search result was an article from PC world about Samsung’s newest device, the Samsung Galaxy III. This is in the results because this is the most recent and popular news related to Samsung and a heavily searched item recently.

The first Ads that popped up were links to the phone section of Samsung device following the links I’ve found that what Samsung trying to do here is make it convenient purchase a Samsung device. If one was to click on one of the phones advertised, they would be led to a page that list the phone carriers that support the device and directions to the nearest location where the product could be purchased

like how Convenient Samsung makes it for someone who is actually searching for their latest greatest devices. It would take me no time to find and buy the Galaxy Note, for instance, if I was interested.

BLOG Post #1

#1: Introduction

– Who are you?
I am Talmadge Spicer, born in Brooklyn NY. Now I live in Plainfield NJ
I’m a Senior here at FDU Teaneck Campus
Marketing Major
– What is the brand you chose?
Samsung INC
– Why did you choose this brand?
I work with cellphones for Sprint and I find myself very interested in the field. Samsung is my favorite brand
– What is the brand’s website address?
– What do you think about their website?
I feel it is well put together and informative
– Why would you recommend going to their site?
Their website offers deals and information that you cannot get anywhere else. Information on warrenty and extended warranty for example.

Blog post #2

What do you think of the navigation on the brand’s homepage?

The Navigation on the page is very user friendly, although most websites do, I really like the convient search bar you can youse to get to the point.

How easy is it to find the things that are important to you?

Wasn’t too difficult. I navigated through the website to find a spare battery charger for my phone. I had to make sure it was for my specifc phone (Tmobile) and not one from sprint because they’re the same phone the different carriers have different battery sizes so I found and purchased what I needed very easily.

-How easy was it to find the Newsletter/Mailing List link?

It was almost immposible for me to find the newsletter I looked in almost every link. I eventually turned to google as most college students do in situations like that and found it. But not before visiting the newsletter for customers in Austrailia.

-What are the brand’s goals for having a newsletter/mailing list?

Samsung want its customers to get a since of accomplishment from exploring the site. From what I see the website  has a system of missions for the user to complete. Missions, that if completed a badge is given to be posted on Facebook and Twitter- Futhering the exposure that Samsung will recieve in the long run.

-What did you expect you would get when you signed up?

I expect an email every so often offering me deals and advertisments for new products. I have already been surprised with the missions and badges however.

-What do you like/dislike about the emails you get from your brand?

The content of my first email from samsung wasn’t too heavy meaning there wasn’t much information about anything other than what they wanted me to do as far as updating my profile.

Discuss at least one good thing and one area where you think there is for improvement (If you have not received one, please comment on how long ago you signed up and why you think you haven’t received anything. Additionally, comment on one good thing and one area where you think there is for improvement of any other email you have received)

I like that they didnt dive directly into into overwhelning ads and calls to spend money and came off as if there was time for that and that i should consentrate on updating information about myself. I dont like how hard it was to sign up.